The Omobic Brand

OMOBIC  wheelchair componentsOMOBIC  wheelchair components

Omobic - components for active and demanding wheelchair users


The OMOBIC range of components has been developed to meet the expectations of the most active and demanding wheelchair users who are not willing to compromise when it comes to quality, design, and choice of options. 


Omobic Pro


It consist of very durable components engineered and developed for professional athletes.

Among them there are wheels for rugby on wheelchairs, or wheels for basketball on wheelchairs.

Omobic Pro - the wheels for atlethesOmobic Pro - the wheels for atlethes
Omobic free - components for active wheelchair usersOmobic free - components for active wheelchair users


Omobic Free


OMOBIC FREE components line enables wheelchair users to live an active live.


In this range of products there are few different types of products: rear wheels with elegant desing and very light weight, rear wheels with fiber spokes, rear wheels for rough terrain, castors, brakes, pushrims for special usage.


Omobic Plus


This line has been developed with the focus on covering the demands of users with special needs, for example with only one hand active.

Omobic Plus - components for people on wheelchair with special needsOmobic Plus - components for people on wheelchair with special needs


Omobic - high-end quality components tested by the users


Our wide range of components and possibility for customization provide our customers with a unique opportunity to optimize their supply chain and make sure that they have a choice of quality products which accomplish their wheelchair design in style and color.  


The development of the OMOBIC range of products is based on 30 years of experience and our products are developed in close cooperation with wheelchair users and many of our valued customers, with whom we have a long-term partnership.  

These components are tested in our well-equipped in-house testing facilities and in the field by demanding users.   

Full OMOBIC product range is available in our OMOBIC catalogue.


OMOBIC products are available worldwide through the B2B channel. If you would like to distribute our products, please contact us: