Outsourcing to MBL

MBL Experience in production of wheelchairs componentsMBL Experience in production of wheelchairs components

Experience and quality


For almost three decades we have worked intensively with outsourcing of high-quality products from different industries to our factories placed in China and Poland.

Our experience ensures that no matter whether it regards taking over the production of components or complete OEM box products ready to ship to the end-user, we know exactly how to handle the process from A to Z.


Well qualified engineers team


On each site our team of skilled engineers and project managers are ready to help you smoothly through the outsourcing process in a well-defined structure. 

And if the product to be outsourced has not yet been developed, you may choose to utilize our know-how and engineering power by outsourcing the R&D phase partly or fully to MBL.

Engineers in MBLEngineers in MBL
Cooperation with MBLCooperation with MBL


Close cooperation with Customers


At MBL we know that the process of outsourcing ones "life blood" is a delicate matter.

To many it may cause the feeling of "loosing control". This is why we find it so important to work in close cooperation with our customers, and we emphasize complete openness and dialogue in the process as this is crucial to obtain the highest level of comfort and satisfaction for both parties.


Technologies available in-house in MBL


MBL controls among others the below technologies in-house:


  • Polyurethane and rubber production
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Aluminium low- and high-pressure casting
  • Stamping, forging, and punching
  • Sheet and tube laser cutting
  • CNC milling/lathing
  • 3D tube bending and CNC sheet bending
  • Welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium
  • Hardening/heat treatment of metals
  • Powder coating
  • Lean assembly lines
  • Textile design, cutting, sewing and supersonic welding
  • Silk screen printing
  • Mould and tool production – aluminium/plastic injection moulds, punching tools, welding jigs, test tools etc.
  • Extensive testing facilities

In addition to the above, MBL has developed a wide network of competent sourcing partners across Asia and Europe.

Production methods in MBLProduction methods in MBL


In case of any questions or information in regards to outsourcing needed, please contact our Sales Team at: sales@mbl.pl